Integration of 3D Hologaphic Technology with 3D Sound:

It is a while that people were trying to build virtual reality environments. The most new innovations in this field are 3D hologaphic projection and Virtual 3D Sound. Unfortunately 3D holographic projection cannot have good effect without good sound and 3D sound without good visualization cannot produce real effect. For this reason we are trying to use these both technologies at the same time to produce new virtual reality environment which is closer to the feelings of the human being.

Color of the City:

I am trying to find the color of city from instagram photos. In this project I will download a lot of photos and I will try to find some colors for each part of the city. There are multiple methods to do that but my goal is to reflect the color of the city so I will get a feeling to the person who is watching the city from the top and he can get the idea of how he will feel if he was in that location. The color of the city is the hidden information which I am going to extract it for the first time and it is something that people cannot see from satellite or from inside the city. I am going to cut the top of a cake and show what is inside.