Virtual Tourism:

This Virtual Tourism Idea is a little different than the idea of Virtual Tourism in current litterateurs. We know Google has produced a lot of images from roads and building (even inside buildings). Now suppose you have your own character walking in the space and interacts with real people who have their own virtual characters. It would be very interesting because two friends can walk with each other toward Time Square and at the same time they can talk with each other and even hear the sound of environment and other agents, which are talking in the environment. 

Virtual Holographic Technology:

The Virtual Holographic Stage is a new concept in entertainments, which will produce a beautiful Virtual Stage by magic of lights. The stage includes objects, which have been made by lights, and user can walk in the stage between these objects, You may produce very interesting environment either for education or for fun. The Holographic Technology has been introduces some years before and it is still under development.   

Virtual Car Racing: 

We just need to put special glasses on the head of the player and put him in a cabin which has all car controls, and here is the idea: we need to merge the real cabin with the Virtual 3D racing place by taking care of position of the glasses. The cabin has sensors and it is connected to a mechanical arm. If you move the arm the player can feel that and if the player move his head the glasses and the cabin will give feedback to the 3D environment and change it based on the location of the user. User can see inside of the car and can touch anything inside the car because inside and outside are completely merged. You may have something like realistic accidents in the cabin.  

Improved Ticketing System:

Improved Ticketing System is a system of more advanced facilities for bus tickets. In this field of science we try to help customers to get information about the bus, which they are waiting for. For example why the back of receipt of tickets for a specific bus should be empty? We may put very clear schedule of that bus for the next few hours and the few hours ago (Because we expect the customer use the bus in these times). Why customer should search for a specific bus and its location in the internet? Customer should have access to the information of the next bus by position aided software anywhere anytime.

3D logo:

I believe we need to have 3D logo beside regular logos for a company. The designer of a logo is better to present a 3D view of the logo. We are going to have websites with animated logo, Holographic logos, Mechanical 3D logos (Like CHASE logo in Times Square) and … .

Smarter Cover:
The smart covers of IPad have nice design but they can be improved by adding some new abilities. For example we may add vibrate control to covers so people can study and use their IPad in moving environments like bus and subway.